About Author

Mrs. Aejeong Kang

Mrs. Aejeong Kang is a mother of 2 children. She wrote the MathRadar series because she believed that the best way to help her children develop strong confidence and knowledge in mathematics was by writing math books herself.

She has a strong academic background in Mathematics, and holds a Bachelors' degree in Mathematics and Master’s degree in Mathematics as well from Sogang University in Korea. Also, she has completed a Ph.D. program in mathematics from University of Utah.

Because she is a mom, she would do anything for her children. That’s why she has been able to pour all her knowledge, energy, and soul into these books. She hopes that her books will help all parents in the search for well-written, easy to understand math books for their children, and help all ambitious students find success and confidence in learning and pursuing their goals.

She will continue to write more books for continually higher levels throughout the next couple of years, so if you thought this book was a big step towards better education for your child, look into her new books coming out soon. The MathRadar series are great and enjoyable for anyone from grades 6 through 12 in mathematics.

Special thanks go to Nichole Jeong.


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