About MathRadar

The MathRadar series is written and organized with emphasis on helping each individual study mathematics at his or her own pace. Their learning system is differentiated from the existing math book department by the measures it takes for each concept.

Each necessary and key concept is explained kindly, thoroughly, and sprucely, and consists of clean and concise summaries, callouts, additional supporting explanations, quick reminders and/or shortcuts to facilitate better understanding. The concept explanations and representations are bound together to give you the full learning experience in a meticulous fashion.

With the numerous examples and exercises, students can check their comprehension levels with both basic and more advanced problems. The MathRadar series have comprised different levels of problems gradually advance. High levels and varieties of real life comparisons become readily available throughout the book, which ultimately will prepare you for real world situations.

Provided for you is a separate step-by-step explained Solutions Manual which can be studied on your own. This makes it possible for students to study difficult concepts at their own pace and of their own accord. With the Solutions Manual, students will be able to better understand how to solve problems through a step-by-step guide for each individual problem.

Currently, the MathRadar series includes 12 titles and new titles will keep being published.

  • Algebra, Part I Number Systems

    All about Number Systems in Algebra with a Comprehensive Solutions Manual

  • Algebra, Part III Functions, Statistics & Probability

    All about Functions in Algebra and Statistics & Probability with a Comprehensive Solutions Manual

  • Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus (Volume I)

  • Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus (Volume II)

  • Calculus (Differentiation & Integration)

  • Algebra: Algebra Parts I, II, and III combined

  • Algebra, Part II Expressions

    All about Expressions in Algebra with a comprehensive Solutions Manual

  • Geometry, Concepts and Step-by-Step Instruction and Detailed Proofs

    Thoroughly explained concepts and detailed proofs with a Comprehensive Solutions Manual

  • Solutions Manual for Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus (Volume I)

    Comprehensive Solutions Manual for Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus Volume I (Sold Separately)

  • Solutions Manual for Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus (Volume II)Comprehensive Solutions Manual for Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus Volume II (Sold Separately)

  • Solution Manual Calculus (Differentiation & Integration)

  • Solutions Manual for Algebra: Algebra Parts I, II, and III combined


The MathRadar series does not just help you solve problems well; it develops your logical, abstract, inventive thinking skills. Your problems solving ability will be turned on based on the basic concepts needed to advance to more difficult questions, not only throughout these books, but through school and real-life testing environments. You will be able to develop a power over math and be pleased by your results, as well as find the joy in math, something which you may have never known is possible.